From its beginnings, NYCFGTS has seen and instituted numerous licensed and ordained graduate students; many of whom are in wonderful ministries today. As the students were being credentialed, Dr. Garofalo saw a need for the students to be a part of an organization of ministerial fellowship.

In 1992, Dr. Frank Garofalo began The National Association of Christian Counselors, Ministers and Churches through NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary. Besides being a resource to graduating students, the association is comprised of many churches, ministries and counselors. Currently, the Seminary is training people throughout the United States and overseas.

During 1982, Dr. Garofalo began a home Bible study in Staten Island, New York. As God’s word took root in people’s lives, the Bible study grew and by 1983, Dr. G began a church, Love In Christ Fellowship. Moving to Brooklyn New York, the church flourished and a need for further growth was evident. 

Today, 29 years later, Dr. Garofalo is the Senior Pastor of the Woodworker's Church in Naples, Florida.

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