About Us

Our History

Around 1984, Dr. Frank Garofalo desire was to see bible education and training as a goal within his ministry. While in prayer and the Spirit one day, Dr. Garofalo saw a vision of a barn closed and shut tight. The Spirit of God spoke to him and said, “My people are starving, my barn is filled and there is no one to feed them.” Dr. Garofalo replied, “Lord what must I do to feed them?’ To which the Spirit of God said, “Feed them of My Spirit.” As soon as He spoke, the locks on the barn broke and a Dove flew out.

Upon hearing from the Lord, Dr. Garofalo began a bible school, NYC Full Gospel Bible Institute under the Full Gospel Assemblies International. He pursed from that time, and to present, the commission of teaching, training, and sending forth Christian workers into the harvest of the Lord Jesus Christ. As time progressed, the Bible school gained momentum and in 1990, due to the demand for urban ministry and credentialed ministers, the school grew into a seminary. 
Affiliated Church Members

1. Abiding Love Christian Church, Pastor Princess Lewis - Brooklyn, NY
Jesus Compassion Ministries, Pastor Sadie Connor - North Fort Lauderdale, FL
3. Three Cross Inter-Denomination Christian Church, Pastors Nick and Debra Brown - Anderson, SC
5. Restoration Ministries, Rev. Dr. Mary Miles-Clark - Queens, NY
6. Chinese Christian Church, Dr. Andrew Yu - New York, NY
Internacional de Alabanza ChurchPastor H. Jr and Emily Pagan - Naples, FL
Haitian Clergy of PhiladelphiaPastor Jean Beaufils - Philadelphia, PA
9. The Woodworker's Church, Pastors Frank and Sally Garofalo - Naples, FL
10. White Glory Cloud MinistriesPastors Oliver and Angelina Onuzulike - New Rochelle, NY

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Our Mission

We understand and recognize the local Church and its Mission, and do not interfere with its Purpose.  Our primary goal is to assist the local Church and its Para-Ministries, in order to further the Gospel of Christ.  This is both central and consistent with our policy.