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Some students come in to seminary seeking to further their biblical knowledge, while others desire certification, licensing, and ordination. Because students come with different educational backgrounds, considerations are made. The seminary provides a program suitable to the students needs so that the student may reach their desired goals. Study programs take into consideration the period for completion, payment plans, and certifications requested. 

Assisting students in their academic pursuit, students enjoy a personal learning experience with their instructors. Along with this care, students may receive counseling (where advising and encouragement is available as a service) in order to address any needs they may have pertaining to leaving the seminary and entering Christian service. 

Courses (Majors) 

The following programs of study make available subjects, which take into consideration the undergraduate objective and enable the student to advance and enter the mission work of the Church at a faster pace. All majors are required to take the General Requirements in Bible & Theology for the first two levels (see Programs page) before beginning their major

Bible and Theology

This program is for all levels of study for personal enrichment and may be done for credit. Each subject is on a book of the Bible and can be completed individually or collectively in a group study. One may earn a Certificate or Diploma in Biblical Studies or Biblical Literature, upon completion.

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Christian Education Ministry

This program is designed for individuals who want to specialize in church education ministries and teaching techniques. The program enables the individual to lead church and bible study groups as well as direct church education. Completing the program, one may receive a certificate, diploma, and degree in Christian Education.

Pastoral Theology Ministry 

Students entering this program learn the fundamentals and practical work of a Pastor, Evangelist, and all individuals who are called to lead the flock of God.  
The program offers a Certificate, Diploma, and Degree in Pastoral or Practical Ministry. 

Christian Pastoral Counseling 

This program is designed for those who are called to the office of Christian Counseling and Pastoral Care. This program offers the student basic counseling practices.  It may advance further to Pastor Counseling and students may earn a certificate, diploma, or degree in Christian Counseling.