The seminary comprises a variety of students who uphold academic integrity and strive for spiritual and personal growth. Applicants must do the same and be committed to the vision and purpose of the school. We strive for individuals who will contribute and be faithful to the seminary as they endeavor in their academic experience.


1. Applicants must have a High School Diploma or GED

2. Two letters of recommendation are needed: one from a clergy person and one from laity 

3. Transfer students must submit a transcript from that school

4. A brief resume must be submitted from all prospective students 

5. Students must complete an application for Admission (see catalog) and pay the current  Application Fee

Transfer Students

The seminary will accept all credits earned in a college, university, or other-level institution, providing an official transcript is received from that institution and that the subject material is similar to that of the Seminary. Courses, which are not similar, are also considered for transfer if they are deemed to be beneficial to the students chosen major. Transferable credit must be in accordance to a passing grade deemed by the seminary. At present, the passing grade for a subject is D or equivalent - and an average of 70% (per subject) must be achieved.

Transferring NYCFGTS Seminary Credits

Each faith-based institution of higher learning reserves its sovereign right to determine what credits it will transfer in toward its degree programs. Therefore, our seminary cannot warrant that its credits will transfer. The student must make that determination by checking with the institution that they may want to transfer credits to.

Textbooks, Seminary Notes, and Costs

Course textbooks and seminary notes vary depending on the course. The average textbook cost ranges from $13.00 to $23.00, while the average seminary notes range from $10.00 to 18.00 per subject. There is also an additional cost for shipping of all textbooks and seminary notes. This additional expense will be billed to the student and shown on their cost estimate evaluation form.

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