Affiliates & Charters

Affiliate Charter Group

A. This group has its own Membership, Board, and Constitution but is similar to its parent group NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary. They come under the umbrella of the parent group and are able to operate in the state they reside using the exemption status the Association has as a religious Christian group. Affiliates can be Churches, or any Para-Ministry Outreach Ministry. Affiliates do not have to be incorporated, but fall under the heading of its parent organization. The pastor as well as the church are under NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary Advisory Board; which helps both Pastor and Church as a Unit of Assembly.

B. Associate Charter Group: This group has obtained its own exemption status and is incorporated as a Non-Profit Christian Group, but would like to have association with the NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary and Association of Counselors, Pastors and its Churches. Associates are autonomous having their own Board, Elders and govern themselves. Associate status provides the Christian organization accountability and pastoral oversight for both the pastor and the congregation.

Requirements Needed

Several requirements are needed in order to keep your Charter current.

  • All Charter groups must be acceptable to the Bi-Laws and Statement of Faith 
of the Association 
  • Charter groups are required to submit Quarterly Reports of the activities of its group 
  • All groups must indicate their affiliation or association with the NYC FULL Gospel Association - in their advertisement. This is a necessity for Affiliate 
groups. Affiliates must register their group in the State they reside in, obtaining 
an ID number from the local IRS agency and State corporations division 
  • The process is varied from State to State, the parent Association will help guide 
the affiliate in the process to obtain legal documents and receive Tax 
exemption status in their State under the Umbrella of the Parent Association

Charter Fees

1. Application Fee of $75.00 to be submitted with the groups application (Non-Refundable) .

2. Annual Fee for Charter of $175.00 per year
- for affiliate status and $100, for associate status. 

Note: The Charter is renewed each year in the month of January

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