Annual Dues

Minister Credential Annual Dues and Education Requirements: 

A. Intern Minister - $35.00 (30 credits) 
B. Certified Minister - $50.00 (60 credits) 
C. Licensed Minister - $65.00 (90 credits) 
D. Ordained Minister - $115.00 (120 credits)

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Categories for Credentials: 

A. Intern Minister (Christian Worker) 

This is the first level of credentials. It is for those individuals who work under the local Pastor in ministry and local church activities. Many groups formally called this credential, Christian Worker. It helps those to begin working with the congregation of the church in areas of Youth Worker, Evangelism, Sunday School and other services of the church.

B. Certified Minister (Specialized) 

The second credential for individuals who have a call to minister in special ministry work in the local Church and working under the local pastor. Special ministry would include: Education, Counseling, Ministry outreach, Worship Leader, Home Bible Fellowship, and leading various urban ministries the local church may do.

C. Licensed Minister 

This third category has been the main credential for our Seminary in the past. Once the individual reaches this level, they have specialized in a vocation calling. They may continue to work under a senior pastor as co-pastor or youth pastor, and lead the Church in educational services and other ministry work. More specifically, the credential recognizes the person as a Missionary, Seminary Instructor or both. Note: The seminary recognizes the individual as a clergy person is the field - able to begin a local church. The Seminary grants license through the Association for the general purpose to preach over the pulpit. 

D. Ordained Minister 

The last credential, Ordained Minister, is for those persons who lead and care for the flock of God on daily bases. They are specifically for pastors. Unlike the other credentials offered, this credential allows the minister to perform all the duties of a clergyman; such as: Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, and Baby Dedications - giving access to legal authorities as an ordained clergyman with the seminary and its association.