Apply for Credentials


1. Brief Overview of the Ministry 
2. Minister Application
3. Minister Renewal Requirements
4. Minister Renewal Adoption Letter 
5. Minister Quarter Report

6. Minister Manual

Request the Above Application Forms, by email: Here.

All ministry candidates must first apply for credentials by completing all forms. The Ministerial Board of the Association reviews the request, and makes it's determination. If the request is denied, the candidate will be given an alternative procedure they may take for acceptance.  

Candidates requesting ordination approval must also submit a Ministry Biography; which will include the following: All required letters of documentation of life experience, or required education, along with letters of recommendation, which must also be submitted. Please see, Requirements.  

Note: There is a $65 Application Fee for applying with our ministry. Again, all ministry candidates shall receive a copy of NYC Full Gospel Ministers Manual for review and reference afterwards.

Supervision of Minister Credentials

In all categories of credentials, candidates are required to complete supervised practical work in their field of ministry vocation. The Seminary requires one supervisor from the Seminary to oversee the practical. The following intern supervised hours shall be completed, and one ministerial training course completed as required. 

1. Certified Minister (Intern) 100 hours Supervision fee $75
2. Certified Minister –100 hours Supervision fee $100 
3. Licensed Minister –150 hours Supervision fee $150
4. Ordained Minister – 200 hours Supervision fee $200

(The above protocol for is those who have no experience in ministry). Nevertheless, all applicants are required to attend the NYCFGTS online lectures (3 hours).  $35 

Christian Practical Experience

May be a combination of services that the Church provides in local ministry . Practical experience may also include the experiences one is doing in their present ministry work; such as, leading small groups or individual ministry work they are doing on their own. The Seminary supervisor must approve all practicum’s before one begins. Once the minister completes the number of supervised hours required, supervision is no longer necessary under that credential category. 

Be advised. Once the application is received and reviewed by the Association and is approved, the candidate will receive an approval letter along with their Ministerial Certificate and Pocket Credentials (Minister's Name on back) - which will allow them to present it at any given time or party.  This is especially useful to those who minister in hospitals or prisons.