Board of Directors

The Seminary consists of a Ministerial Board of Directors made up of Licensed and Ordained Ministers, who are specialists in Ministry (Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, and Counselors/Teachers). The function of the board is to address applicants for certification processing, and to supervise the educational system of the Seminary.
Ministerial Board of Directors

Rev. Frank A. Garofalo, Ph.D – President
Rev. Anthony Cacciutto – Pastoral Supervisor/Vice President
Rev. Princess Lewis, B.A. Min – Distant Supervisor
Rev. Sally Garofalo – Secretary
Rev. Vernice Glaves, M.Ed., Ph.D – Education and Missions
Rev. Sadie Connor – Pastoral Supervisor
Rev. Edward Keen Jr. – Pastoral Supervisor
Rev. Carl "Nick" Brown – Evangelistic Ministries Supervisor

Educational Faculty

Rev. Frank A. Garofalo, M.Th., Ph.D – Pastoral Ministries
Rev. Annie Dicks, M.Ed., B.A. Min – General Education
Rev. Mary Clark, MSW, Ph.D  – Pastoral and Christian Counseling

he Seminary understands the need for practical training - for those who have a call to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in His church.  

The demand for well equipped Christian Workers, Ministers, and Church Leaders for the work they will undertake, is much more important than that of needless subjects which may never be used in an every day setting

Our emphasis is not to achieve a secular accreditation, although we issue diploma and degree for ministry purpose only. 

Our mission is to equip the minister with practical education for his/her ministry. We continue in this practical path as the means of fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.  

Although the word seminary may imply graduate training for higher institutional learning, the Seminary has been established for the sole purpose of issuing credentials to men and women as Certified, Licensed, and Ordained Ministers.