CEU Credits

Earn Continuing Education Units - As you increase your skills!

NYC Full Gospel provides the means of gaining CEUs (Continuing Education Units) with our Seminary as recognition for ministry purposes. We accept our CEU education and will award ministry certificates up to diploma. The CEU program is designed for Christians who are not seeking  academic college credit or a degree, yet want to achieve Christian recognition in their learning experience as qualified trained workers for the Lord in special fields of the vocation. The CEU program also allows our members to access ministry credentials with our organization as certified  licensed and ordained ministers while gaining a knowledge of learning technics.

What is a Continuing Education Unit?

Continuing Education Unit, or CEU Credit, is a nationally recognized unit of measurement - for participation in continuing education programs.

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) as well as other national and international associations, defines a CEU as follows: 

"CEU or one CEU is a term that defines ten (10) clock hours or Contact hours of learning and participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. The primary purpose of the CEU is to provide permanent record of the educational accomplishments of an individual who has completed one or more significant non credit educational experiences".

The CEU is a method used by many professional agencies (nursing, accounting, engineers, medical workers, social workers and others) to re-certify or license individuals. At NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary, we use the CEU learning experiences - to train and equip Christians for the work of the Ministry, as well as, Certifying, Licensing and Ordaining men and women for the Lords work. We therefore call it the Christian Continued Education Unit (CCEU) to distinguish a Christian education experience.

What Does Christian Continued Education Units Represent To the Faith Based Community? (the CCEU)

1. You have been trained in a specialized education field, such as Education, Ministry, Christian Leadership, Biblical Foundations, and so on - and have been approved by the Christian College or Seminary - as meeting it's standards of excellence for ministry.

2. You have earned a certificate in a specialized program of learning experience.

3. You have meet the standards of educational achievement in hours learned and in performance to provide supportive or leadership in local ministry.

How do I participate in the CEU program?

  1. You can purchase CEUs at the time of Registration or before you enter the class.
  2. You can receive college credit from our seminary with the CEUs you have acquired.  At that time, the student must pay the difference of Tuition Cost and CEU Cost, plus meet all academic requirements.
  3. Upon completing 30 clock hours (1 CCEU) our office will send the student an Official Certificate from NYCFGTS.
  4. We also take into consideration all hours in any CEU experience, and allow our members to turn those hours into Ministry Certificates, Minister Credentials, and with examination, we may transfer CEU hours completed to a Seminary Diploma/Degree - if the member meets all academic and financial responsibilities at the time of transfer. Transfer CCEU to any Seminary credit program must first be subject to any fees listed in our Tuition and Fees in our catalog (pages 9 and 10). This opportunity is only given member partners of the Educational Fellowship of NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary and its Ministerial Association.

What are the benefits/objectives of awarding CEUs?

  • It encourages students to utilize educational resources to meet their personal and educational goals.
  • It assists with pre-college advanced placement through proof of related work.
  • It demonstrates that the participant has completed course content with college level difficulty.
  • It enables individuals to have an accurate source for their current CEU activity with tracked proof of completion (Certified Certificate of Completion) by an accredited program.

Who maintains a record of the CEU transcripts?

The CEU transactions for sessions will be on file at NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary.  An official letter will be sent to participants, upon successful completion of all the sessions.

What is the cost for CEUs?

The National cost for CEU education varies with the institution one attends. Generally the CEU is calculated on the Contact Hours in a particular subject. Normally, the cost per Contact Hour of educational experience is between $3.50 to $5.00 per hour, and it does not include books or course materials - Nor does it include certificate cost at completion.

NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary has a unique program which cost $3.00 per hour - through our Tele-communication Classroom.  If you need further information, please visit our Full Gospel Educational Fellowship for more details.

What are the next steps?

If you’ve decided to participate in the CEU program, the next step is to Register for one of our sessions and purchase the CEU.  

Once you are registered into the Seminary, you may purchase the CEUs, via PayPal, on our Donate page (see Miscellaneous). If you prefer, however, you can mail your payment to our office. 

*Note: Payments made though postal mail, must be received prior to entering the sessions.