Christian Counseling

Pastoral Counseling is designed for undergraduates and graduates, who plan to pursue careers in congregation-related vocations and who desire to develop counseling skills that will enhance their ministry as pastors or lay-counselors in churches. This degree is also appropriate for those who want to work as christian counselors in churches, chaplains in hospitals, the military, and other settings.

Christian Pastoral Counseling

Level III - Graduate Diploma 

1. Basic Christian Counseling - CPC 601
2. Understanding People: For Relationships - CPC 602
3. Comprehensive Christian Counseling - CPC 603
4. Psychology of Counseling and Interviewing - CPC 605
5. Christian Psychology and Counseling - CPC 609

Practical Work: The student must complete 20 hours

Electives: Select 5 credits from BIB, THB, or PTM Courses

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Christian Pastoral Counseling

Level IV - Bachelors Degree 

1. Supervision of Pastoral Care - CPC 607
2. Marriage and Family Counseling - CPC 608
3. Temperament Theory and Therapy - CPC 610
4. Ethics and Law in Christian Counseling - CPC 611
5. Compulsive and Addictive Behavior - CPC 612
6. Views of the Cults and the Occults -THB 313
7. NYC Full Gospel Minister's Requirements - PTM 414

A. Case Studies in Christian Counseling - CPC 604

B. Policies and Procedures for Counseling Offices - CPC 606 

Practical Work: The student must complete 20 hours

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