This page provides answers to many of the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) for our Leadership Program and CEUs.

How Will The Training Be Provided?

A. From each main topic and division – there are several lectured workshops. These seminars are provided to enrich the student's knowledge. Each lecture seminar is about 2 hours in duration.

B. Notes for each lecture workshop, for the most part, are free through the Internet sources we provide for each student. The student gets the sources e-mailed to them and freely downloads copies - to be used in the seminar lecture for that particular study.

C. For students taking the training for college credit with the seminary, they must any purchase textbooks, complete the written assignments, book reports, and any book surveys - while taking the given examinations.

D. Students who like to take the seminar workshops for Non-Credit; Yet be in the Seminary with auditing of credits earned, may do so as a Audit Student. Audit students may earn Completed Certificates for Christian Education in specialized Leadership training upon completing 30 semester hours of work and study. 

* Audit students may at any time transfer their learning experiences into Seminary academic credit hours by paying the differential of tuition cost from non-credit to credit at the time of transfer and at the same cost per credit hour that is current in our catalog (see Tuition and Fees).

Note: One credit hour equals fifteen (15) clock Hours of study - along with written assignments and examinations.

How Does The Distant Learning Classroom Work?

1. The student needs Internet access, e-mail capability, and an active landline (telephone) or good cell phone (carrier) to enter into the classroom.  Otherwise, they cannot participate in the sessions.

2. Students may also utilize the "live" classroom (via password) to visually see their instructor - as he/she gives the lecture, while listening in our Tele-Conference Room. Note: We provide each student with the telephone number and access code.

3. Students must also have a telephone carrier, that provides long distance services - so that they are not billed long distance charges.

4. For students taking the sessions for credit: All given assignments, homework and all other information - will be sent and received through e-mail from the seminary to the student, and vise-verse.  

Cost For The Training For Credit

1. Training and Seminary Training: The seminary has a flat tuition charge of $45.00 per credit hour (Undergraduate) and $65.00 (Graduate) per hour.

2. All students enrolled into the seminary for credit or non-credit (Audit) must meet the requirements for Admission and Quarter Registration - paying all necessary Admission fee’s.  Please the Catalog (Link Below) for details.

3. After completing a course study or having met fifteen (15) clock hour sessions, the student earns 1 (one) credit hour.  Moreover, they continue to add up these credit hours - during the seminar lectures that are being given.

4Audit Students (non-credit) have the ability to transfer hours into the Seminary credit program at any time: The cost per credit hour in the Audit system is $30.00 per credit undergraduate and in the graduate level it is $45.00 per credit hour.  Please review item D on this page.

Audit students do the same work as a credit student, yet there is a reduction on the tuition. If they request credit for what they are completed, a written notice must be issued - The student then is required to pay the difference between credit cost and audit cost.

5. All additional fee charges as listed in our Catalog (Tuition and Fees) pages 9 and 10, will be used to determine final cost to any program study or graduation certificates and degrees.

The CCEU Program In Christian Leadership - For All Workers

1. CCEU STUDENTS ONLY PAY REGISTRATION cost like all other students. The cost for quarter registration is $50.00, for 4-months enrolled.  

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2. NO TUITION FEE: The fee is waived, per credit hour.


4. ONLY PAY A $10.00 OFFERING - PER LECTURED SEMINAR  Anyone entering the classroom is only required to contribute an offering of $10.00 - per lectured seminar of training or instruction.  * Note: Each lecture is about 2 hours, and it only cost a student $5.00 an hour for a wealth of information and resource materials. 

5. JOIN THE LECTURE AT ANY TIME - While adding hours to your CEU Portfolio.

6. NO ADMISSION FEE: The fee is waived, per credit hour.

7. OFFICIAL LETTERS OF EARNING CCEU HOURS – There is a charge of $15.00 per ten (10) clock hour of training required – upon your request.  

Students who like to take subjects in Christian Leadership or any other lectured seminar with the Seminary may do so and earn CEU Educational Learning. The CEU program is not for credit and is different from our Credit program and Audit Program. Students may earn certificates for continued Christian Education which leads them to certification with our Seminary as Certified, Licensed or Ordained ministers as well as recognition of their learning experiences to the Faith based community. 

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