Life Experience

The Seminary recognizes students who have experienced education through practical life and church experience and studies. Many churches have teaching ministries in their adult education, which may be recognizable as continued Christian education by the seminary. 

Approval will be based upon a number of factors which may include, the number of years of service, amount of hours devoted to their studies, and experience gained as well as other reasons. 

The maximum credit that will be given for life experience is limited to 30 credits. 

We will accept such personal education studies for credit in the following cases:

1. Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who have an ecclesiastical license with a ministerial association. The Seminary will grant such persons (4) four credit hours for each year that the minister has held ministerial credentials. Proof of such credentials and ministerial experience must accompany the request as well as a letter from the ministerial organization must be submitted upon approval of such credit. A portfolio of documented experience of the ministerís work, in their particular ministry duties, must be submitted for examination and evaluation of credit toward the program they are entering.

2. Students who have taken local Church education such as Sunday school training, seminars, educational conferences or other approved continued Christian education experiences. Documentation must accompany the request. A letter from their local Church or educational ministry attended will do. This letter should include a course description and or course title, number of hours spent in the subject(s) taken, and a certificate of completion (if applicable).

3. Persons who have who have prepared, written, and taught others in local Church education, Sunday school classes, and home Bible studies (Personalized Studies and Training of others). Credit will be given per subject or course they prepared and taught. Documentation must accompany such experiences such as a course description, outline, and objectives. Self studies my also be accepted for credit if the student has written papers on topical Christian subjects which were prepared in a college term paper format.

Applying for Life Experience Credit

Applicants must first apply and Register with the Seminary. Upon registration they request a Self Study Profile which provides important information that must be filled out in order to receive credits for life experience. Upon review and evaluation of the Self Study Profile and all required documentation, the student will be informed of acceptance or denial. Payment for life experience credit will be included in the cost of tuition.

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