The National Association of Christian Counselors, Ministers & Churches

NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary is more than just a Bible College or Seminary.  We have established The National Association of Christian Counselors, Ministers, & Churches so that counselors, ministers and churches may have a place to network, have accountability and credibility, and be licensed and ordained for ministry. We also provide Charterships to such groups seeking to serve under the NYC umbrella.

Membership with our Association is as follows: 

1. Licensing and Ordination 

2. Open Membership (Networking & Fellowship) 

3. Affiliations and Chartership


The association has licensed and ordained men and women for the end timework for the Lord Jesus Christ.   See Apply for Credentials.

The Association issues four levels of credentials and certificates to qualified individuals:

  • Intern-Minister 

  • Certified Minister 

  • License Minister 

  • Ordained Minister 

Please see information on the Minister Credentials, Certified, Licensed, and Ordained - for a brief description of each and requirements (See Side Panel). 

Open Membership 

There is an open membership offered for all those who desire the fellowship of other Christians in local ministry and service. 

There is also membership for students and clergy.

Yearly Dues, Registrations and Discounts

1. There is an annual administer fee or all members.  The Annual Dues are renewed prior to the 1st of each year.  All members receive new Membership Cards annually.  Make a Payment

2. All students enrolled in the Education Programs of the Seminary, who have become Members, will receive a 15% discount on their overall tuition cost.

Certified Minister

Upon completing 60 credits of education in the Seminary, the Certified Ministers Credentials may be obtained. The students must undertake an additional 100 hours of practical work - under a supervisor of NYCFGTS Association, and be approved by the Associations Board for such. The Certified Minister Credentials can be in a major of their choice or the same as their Associate Diploma.

Licensed Minister

To be licensed as a Minister, the student must have undertaken 90 credits of Seminary Work. The student must also undertake an additional 150 hours of Practical Work - under a supervisor of the NYCFGTS Association, take the course Ministerial Training, and be approved by the Associations Board - for their License (20 hours).  The Practical Work will be deducted if completed in the Undergraduate Program. The Licensed Minister can be in a title of ones choice:  Missionary, Evangelist, or as an Assistant Pastor.

Ordained Minister

Completing a Bachelors Degree (120 credits), one can apply for ordination as an Ordained Minister. The students must have received the Bachelors Degree, undertaken an additional 200 hours of Practical Work under a Supervisor of NYCFGTS Association - in their field of vocation, taken the courses on Ministerial Training and Minister Requirements, and be approved by the Associations Board for their ordination. The Ordained Minister can be used in any of the above titles, including Pastor.

Transfer Students - with a minimum of 90 credits, must complete the additional 30 credits in the Bachelors program. After completing 10 credits out of the 30, the transfer student may be ordained sooner.

For further information regarding Licensing and Credentialing with the Association, please call the Association at its current phone number.

If you need futher Information on Categories, click Here