Payment Plans

In order for a payment plan to be applied, the student must first pay the Application and Registration fee in full.  A deposit of 25% must also be paid toward tuition at the start.  All these requirements must be done before the students enters a class.

The payment plan is determined by the balance incurred (after the 25% deposit) for the courses, programs, and fees) divided by the number of month the student is attending. In addition, an $8.50 Administration fee is applied per month for billing and record keeping. This Administration fee also gives students access to on-line services, and courses or testing the seminary provides.

Make a Payment

Note: Extension plans may be given for students who need additional time to pay off their tuition.

Discounts (Only one discount may be used)

1. 10% discount for subjects paid in advance

2. 10% discount for ministers & church leaders

3. 15% discount for members of NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary Association of Pastoral Counselors, Ministers, and Churches.

4. 10% discount for Senior Citizens: 55 years and older.

Refund Policy

A refund may be given for tuition only as follows:

  • Before the first class and not more than three days from registration - 100%
  • The first 10 days from start - 90% day one of start up to 14 days - 80% 
  • The 14th day to the 21st day -70%

A refund may not be given under the following circumstances:

Note: No refund for registration No refund after the 21st day. No refund for books or notes which are purchased or mailed

Financial Agreement

The seminary requires that all financial obligations must be met before a student can graduate and receive certificates, diplomas, degrees and or ordination from NYCFGTS is National Association. All of the above will be withheld as security interest until the financial obligations are fulfilled.

Textbook and Seminary Costs

Course textbooks and seminary notes vary depending on the course. The average textbook cost ranges from $13.00 to $23.00, while the average seminary notes range from $10.00 to 18.00 per subject. There is an additional cost for shipping of all textbooks and seminary notes. This additional expense will be billed to the student and shown on their cost estimate evaluation form.

Note: The seminary reserves the right to change financial policies, tuition costs, and fees at any time from the date of this publication.