Programs of Study

Some students come in to seminary seeking to further their biblical knowledge, while others desire Certification, Licensing, and Ordination. Because students come with different educational backgrounds, considerations are made. In order that the student may reach their desired goals, the seminary provides both Undergraduate and Graduate Level programs suitable to the students needs. Study programs take into consideration the period for completion, payment plans, and certifications requested. Undergraduate and Graduate programs may be done traditionally or correspondently.

Assisting students in their academic pursuit, students enjoy a personal learning experience with their instructors. Along with this care, students may receive counseling (where advising and encouragement is available as a service) in order to address any needs they may have pertaining to leaving the seminary and entering Christian service.

Undergraduate Programs


The Seminary understands the need for practical training for those who have a call to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in His church. The demand for well equipped Christian workers, ministers, and church leaders for the work they will undertake, is much more important than that of needless subjects which may never be used in an every day setting. The objective of the undergraduate program is to equip men and women in such a practical way.

The Seminary's Undergraduate department offers both Degree, as well as, Certificate Programs. If one wishes to further such documentations, one can study in the Graduate Level and or seek Credentialing, Licensing, and Ordination through NYCFGTS is part of the National Association of Pastors, Counselors, and Churches. Note: Both Seminary studies and Credentialing can be done simultaneously. 

Associates Degree (60 Credits) - Two Years

Upon completing 60 credits of education in General Requirements in Bible and Theology, the student receives an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies or Theology.

Bachelors Degree (120 Credits) - Four Years

To receive this degree, the student must finish a supplemental 30 credits of education in the following major of their choice:

  • Biblical Studies or Theology 
  • Pastoral Theology/Ministry 
  • Christian Counseling 
  • Christian Education

All third and fourth year degrees must take the General Requirements in Bible & Theology at the Associate Degree Level before they begin their majors.

Transfer students transcripts will be examined for placement before entering upper division degree programs.

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Correspondent Program

The Seminary offers both its Undergraduate and Graduate programs correspondently. Correspondent students are required to do the same work as campus students. The correspondent students must agree to pay for all fees and costs for course shipments. 

Correspondent students are required to do similar work as campus students. Although they are not attending a campus class, correspondent students are required to stay in contact with their instructors, adjunct professors, or seminary supervisors on a regular bases - regarding lessons, homework, or other information concerning the subjects taken. Such contact may be done through phone calls, fax letters, or e-mails. 

Note: Chapel requirements are also required.

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Graduate Programs

For those who seek further education in the ministry and for personal achievement, the Seminary sponsors a Graduate Level for the Master and Doctorate Degree in:

  • Biblical Studies 
  • Pastoral Theology 
  • Christian Counseling 
  • Christian Education
Students entering the graduate level complete written projects (paper) and practical projects in ministry. They complete course work in a specific field of study as recommended by the seminary Board of Supervisors.

Graduate Ministerial Diploma (90 Credits) 
- Three Years

NYCFGTS offers Ministerial Diplomas, allowing students to explore their options, expand their knowledge, and experience how God can work through their lives at the Seminary.

To receive this diploma, the student must finish an extra 30 credits of education in the following major of their choice:

  • Biblical Studies or Theology
  • Pastoral Theology/Ministry 
  • Christian Counseling 
  • Christian Education

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Masters Degree (150 Credits)

Students must complete an additional 30 credits above the Bachelors Degree, for a total of 150 Credits.

Doctorate Doctorate (180 Credits)

Upon completing an additional 30 credits above the Masters Degree, for a total of 180 credits - the student then receives their Ph.D.

* Research Paper and Practical Projects Requirements:

1. A final Thesis paper on a related subject - within the field of their degree, and ministry vocation - with Seminary approval.

Both the Masters and Doctorate Degrees require the student to complete a written Thesis paper, and project as listed below:

A) Masters - 20,000 words

B) Doctorate - 30,000 words


2. Also required is a written project and a practical assignment the graduate will complete. This project incorporates preparing and presenting a seminar or conference lecture to an audience. The assignment must also be video or audio taped for Seminary review. 

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