After filling out the Pre-Registration Form, students must then fill out and return the Registration Form and Application Form for entry into the Seminary, along with their payments.   

Student must also fill out and send the Financial Cost Evaluation Form back to the Seminary, which must signed, notarized, and returned by the student.

The Student Cost Estimate Evaluation, is an analysis by the Seminary - of a complete cost in which the student will incur. The form indicates the total cost for one or more subjects and or programs to be taken.

Additionally, The Student Cost Estimate Evaluation Form shows the students full payment or installment payment plan, that they decided to make. This evaluation takes into consideration the cost for certificate charges, supervision charges, textbooks or notes required, and any other fees or expenses.  

Once the application for entry and the student cost estimate evaluation are completed, the student then purchases textbooks or notes from the school book store department. The course studies are sent to the enrolled student as well.

                   Students Pre-Registation Form:

Major:  Biblical Studies/Theology Pastoral Ministry/Theology
Christian Leadership
Christian Counseling Christian Education

Program:   CEU Credits
    Educational Fellowship
    Correspondence Courses

Life Experience Credits

Level of Education:

Students may use any courses taken and apply them to their degree.  However, the course must be taken as "credited"  in order to transfer them towards any degree program.

More information on Admissions Here