Requirements For Credentials

Candidates must have completed a program of study in the Bible, Theology, Christian Counseling, or any other Ministry program. Moreover, they shall furnish a certificate, diploma or degree from the institutions they attended with satisfactory completion of such. Educational required credit is in accordance to the listed categories under credentials. 

Also see Membership

Life Experience (Alternative) Credit

Our Association recognizes those individuals who do not have formal education; yet have life experience and knowledge of the Bible.  An alternative for the above mentioned education requirement may be met by the candidate in any of the following or combinations of:

1. Experience in ministry work under a pastor’s supervision of a local church for five (5) years or more. Example: Evangelism, Missions, Teaching, Preaching.

2. Church education courses that were taken - plus church ministry work in a local church, for five (5) years or more, and a written letter of their knowledge of the Scriptures, by a pastor. 

3. Personal Ministry work -- with 5 years experience (approval documentation required) such as a Ministerial Resume; including dates and locations.

4. Alternative methods must be accompanied by "acknowledgement letters" from a church, a pastor, or an organization - in which life experience credit applies with documentation; of such experience of the candidate. 

5. Candidates in the alternative method are required to take one ministerial course from “Ministerial Training” through the Seminary in all cases mentioned above. They must agree to further their studies through NYCFGTS or other qualified institutions.   

Minister Requirements 

A.The Association requires Ministers to report their activities by completing Quarterly Minister Reports, and submitting them to the Ministerial Board. These reports are methods used to support and help one another in the Ministry - better known as, Pastoral Supervision. 

B. Ministers are required to support the Association through tithes, love offerings, or contributions for the advancement of the Association - as an instrument to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

C. Ministers are asked to attend the NYC Full Gospel Seminary Fellowships in their area (if available) or on the Tele-Conference Line. They are also required to attend the ministry conferences held every 2 years.  Note: There is 90 day probationary period for new candidates.

D. Ministers are required to take 3 CEU (continuous education credits) each year.  Further information on CEU Credits, can be found here.

E. Minister renewal is required for each new year; beginning in January.

F. Candidates must be 21 years or older, being a member of a local church for at least five (5) years. 

G. Candidates must show evidence of their Christian faith and be Born Again (John 3:3) and be accountable to supervision, via phone calls. 

H. Candidates must agree to the bi-laws of the Association, and be responsible to the Associations Board of Ministers. 

I. Candidates must submit the following information: Three (3) letters of recommendation and endorsement. For example, two letters from clergy (Pastors/Elders/Deacons), and one letter from a Laity person - indicating the character, the Christian life of the candidate, and recommendation for their credentials as a Minister.