Seminary Policies

Non-Disriminatory Policy

NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary admits male and female students of any race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded to students by our administration or educational polices.

Student Responsibilities

The Seminary has specific student responsibilities and code of ethics. The responsibilities are recorded in the Student Manual, which each student receives when they register and enter the Seminary. The manual addresses both the traditional and correspondent student responsibilities. Listed below is a brief description of some general responsibilities taken from the Student Manual.

Dress (Campus Only)

Traditional students are to dress properly while attending class and chapel service. Dress should always be modest and individual grooming should always be kept up. Questionable apparel will be left to the instructor or discretion of the seminary administer.

Class Attendance (Campus Only)

Traditional students must attend each class in their study programs. Lateness is recorded and two late arrivals to class are considered as one absence. More than two absencesí, the student is dropped from the course. With special permission from the dean and instructor, consideration may be made for a special assignment to be done in place of one absence. In no case shall more than two absences be allowed in one semester period.


Generally, Christian conduct and ethics shall govern the student body, its faculty, and administration according to the standards and principals of The Holy Bible. Christian love and respect toward one another is our highest standard and code of ethics.

Study Load

The Seminar recommends not more than three subjects at 3 credits each to be taken in any semester or nine total credit hours per semester quarter. The student attends 12 classes in total (per subject) each semester at one and a half hours of classroom instruction, equaling 18 hours of instruction. 

The student completes homework assignments for an additional 18 hours as well as 10 hours devoted to research, papers, and projects. The combination of class instruction, home work, and research, papers, and projects would equal 45 hours or a combination thereof fulfilling the requirement for a 3 credit course.

Chapel Service

Students of the seminary are required to attend chapel services. Chapel service for all traditional students must be attended once a week.


Correspondent students taking 50% of their subjects correspondently must submit a letter from a clergyman of weekly attendance (there may be acceptations for ministers). The chapel service schedule is given at the beginning of the school year.