Tuition Payments

How To Pay For The Classes?

Tuition is paid in monthly installments (with pre-payment) prior to entering the classroom or session.  The payment is made (e-mail from the seminary) via PayPal.  If students do not pre-pay for their class on any given occasion, they are automatically removed from our Conference Line telephone number.

The below, gives detailed instructions and options for the programs:

1) Pre-pay the entire tuition and receive a 10% discount

2) Pre-pay each class, per session or pay the entire month tuition in advance


 Further Instructions:

  1. Call our office and receive the telephone call in number and pin number
  2. Payment for classes must be paid 48 hours prior to the class commencement
  3. Set up your webcam (optional) to view the class/lectures, via livestream

3) Payments Due (Based on a 14 Weeks)

      A. Per Class Payment: $13.00 Per Class (Based on a Tuition of $180.00)


      B. One Month Payment: $51.43 Per Month (Based on a Tuition of $180.00)

* To make a payment now, select the Buy Now button

4) Make Up Classes or Missed Classes

If a student misses a class, they are required to pay that class amount at the next class attended. If non-payment is still open, the student automatically is dropped from the class roster. 

5) Telephone Conference Line (New Numbers)

The issuing of new conference call in numbers will be given the student prior to that class beginning. The new number would allow students to share desk top notes on their computer as well as viewing their professor and others through our web-site. 

Bible Courses

Per Class:

Per Month:

Note: Notes and Textbooks are not included. Simple downloads from various websites, will give the student the required curriculum for the course. If requested, we can do this for you, via fax or e-mail.  However,  there is an administration fee of $7.00 per subject.  Pay Fee. (Miscellaneous)

The registration cost for the each semester period is $50.00. If students are

not registered for the May through August period, they must do so.  Pay Here.

Leadership Courses

Per Session:

Per Month: